Drivetribe Canada – what does it mean to be a Tribe Leader for Drive Tribe ?

So as you all know I’m a bit of a gearhead, I like to drive, race, tinker, talk and write about fast cars, and living in Vancouver the Automotive Supercar Capitol of the world makes my job a little easier then most other cities.
I was recently contacted by the team at to who I’d never heard of or knew anything about but they asked if I would be a TriveTribe leader. So for those less ignorant than me Drive tribe is going to be a new social media platform created by the Top Gear 3, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, who left Top gear only to create a new TV show called the Grand Tour for Amazon with a huge budget which in my opinion is the recipe for success.

Drive tribe is a project these guys are doing on the side as a way to bring gearheads together into one place, to talk follow and talk about everything Automotive. After hearing a little about it I reluctantly agreed to be a tribe leader.

So what will this actually mean?. Well I will be creating my own DriveTribe channel on the drive tribe website where people who are interested in my tribe can follow, interact, chat and contribute to this channel. This channel will be dedicated to Supercars of Vancouver which for me should be an easy task. I’ll be looking for other contributors to for help with content but until this goes live I cannot speak too much about it.

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