Why I love Engineering

So many people ask me how did I get my start in life and where did it all begin. Well this is a long story but Engineering is in my blood, my father and my fathers father we’re all engineers, my father still runs his own Engineering company to this day. My First real company which got me going is Firgelli Automations Inc This company designs, develops and manufactures Linear actuators (motion control devices) that are used extensively in the Automation field for applications anywhere from Aerospace to Home Automation. These motion control devices were originally developed and invented by myself of course now I have people do that work for me but I certainly enjoy problem solving engineering problems then developing a product to fit that purpose and ultimately watching them sell around the world.

Another company I founded was this company designs develops and sell TV Lift motion control devices. So if you have ever seen a TV Lift pop up out of a cabinet or down from the ceiling then that was probably one of ours. This started around the same time as Firgelli Automations Inc to solve he problem of security for flat screen TV’s which used to be very expensive, but even now they are cheaper they are also larger and not everyone wants their 60″ TV on display in the living room or bedroom, so our TV lifts solve this problem by hiding them away in a cabinet or ceiling or wall etc. This type of hidden device also led to Firgelli Automation penetrating other Home automation industry area’s such as Kitchen automation. For example not everyone wants their kitchen appliances on display like the toaster or kettle, so by using our linear Actuators you can now create hidden walls or cabinets that are integrated into your kitchen cabinets and from a press of a button a wall or cabinet panel simply open and close to reveal your appliances you want to keep out of sight to keep the kitchen looking clean and not cluttered.  After the North American market was penetrated it was only a matter of time before we moved into Europe with the opening of our UK store ( This allowed us to supply our Motion Control products accross europe and into the middle east and Africa which is becoming a hotbed for  new found wealth and large corporations to set up manufacturing as China has slowly become more expensive over the past decade. Our Products are used extensively for Industrial assembly applications including the office where we offer Motorized desk lifts and monitor lifts.

At the same time as moving to Europe we decided to move into Australia to cover the whole Australasia market opportunity, a segment that’s typically not touched and forgotten. Although this is a smaller market we felt that to gain global brand awareness we should move to this market, giving us now world wide market access

So that’s just one small aspect of One of my Companies Firgelli Automation’s.  Keep tuned for more






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