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The McLaren Senna with Marlboro Livery

The McLaren Senna with Marlboro Livery

I am not designed to come second or third, I am designed to win.

— Ayrton Senna

Most of us are fortunate enough to drive a very nice car. However, very few of us can afford the $600k+ supercar without selling our condo, house, or a few kids, yet alone a million dollar hypercar such as a Pagani or Bugatti. But, at Iconic Concierge we have Robbie … and Robbie just loves spending a fortune on his toys. He also loves supercars and because he is really old he is a big fan of the late Ayrton Senna. For you kids out there – Ayrton Senna was a renowned Brazilian racer, regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time, who won three Formula One world championships for McLaren in 1988, 1990 and 1991. He died in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix for Williams.

In mid-December, at a VIP launch at the McLaren dealership in Vancouver, Robbie took over the keys for his newest toy – one of only 500 hand built McLaren Senna. The 800PS car is truly McLaren‘s DNA at its most extreme, and the most track-focused road car they have ever built., surpassing even the McLaren P1 GTR, to create the purest connection with the driver. The McLaren Senna is a new track benchmark for McLaren.

Robbie, why a McLaren Senna?

Well it was my 70th birthday gift to myself, but to be honest with you, I didn’t actually know what the car was going to be called until I’d already committed a $200k deposit, which was required to secure a slot for a car. The hardest part was that I wasn’t even allowed to see the car either at that point either.  So as you can imagine I was nervous. Mclaren were basically asking 500 customers worldwide to take a massive leap of faith. For me this would be my 5th or 6th McLaren, all of which have been amazing cars so I was not too worried. McLaren simply told us “it would be awesome and fast, now give us your money”. And I’m not joking either. The price was not even known, they just said around $1m usd. My thought process was pretty simple however.  McLaren’s Ultimate series cars have always go up in value, and significantly so, the McLaren F1 now sell for over $10m minimum. So this is why I bought one, because it’s an investment…….at least that’s what I told myself.  It wasn’t until the car was revealed to the public at the McLaren winter ball at the McLaren factory in the UK,  that I saw it for the first time with with the rest of the world, and let me tell you I was nervous.  But then when I saw how crazy the car was I was relieved. And when I heard they named it the Senna,  I got very happier than a tornado in a trailer park. This is when the car changed from an investment to been something that was important to me. Senna was my hero as a child, he was the underdog. Senna has no racing pedigree, he pissed a lot of people off, and was relentless.  He also had this magic about him that to this day amazes people what he could do.  What I’m referring to is when it started to rain during a race. All the other F1 drivers hated the rain. But when the rain came, Senna would throw his hands in the air and cheer. Cheer because he was unbelievable fast in the wet, he somehow managed to find grip where there was no grip, and he was not just a few seconds faster he was tens of seconds faster.  And when people asked him how he could be so fast in the wet he would simply say, “ I don’t know, I just feel ground and seem to find traction when I need it ”.  For me as an F1 fan I was memorized by this guy, he was something very special, and I believe this car will also be something special.

Looking at your car the amazing Senna-livery truly stands out. Is it your own design?

The Senna livery was so iconic for me as a child so it was a no brainer I had to do the senna livery on an official Senna car, and then the car changed from been an investment to been my new baby.

How does it drive?

It’s a race car, this means your fillings will fall out when you drive over a slight bump and if your not careful, a slight twitch of the foot and the back end spins out, and it’s a bit noisy.  I’ve not had it up to Area-27 yet.  the F1 race track a bunch of us built a few years ago. So if I don’t ditch it by the spring the real answer to the question will have to wait

What is next?

I’ve applied to buy the new Ford GT. This $500k usd HyperCar is also by invite only, and Required me to fill in forms to basically beg them I’m worthy of owning one.  I’ve not filled in a form since I applied for that job at the strip club. So let’s hope I’m more successful this time around.

The McLaren Senna with Marlboro Livery

The McLaren Senna with Marlboro Livery

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