It feels that recently, we have been focusing too much on the new exciting 2012 models of late, so we’d like to pause and take a moment to mourn those brave souls who shuffled off the mortal cliff in 2011. Pray raise a glass to their tire-shredding, gas-gargling memories. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you had good innings and now you shall rust….

Pagani Zonda
First introduced way back in 1999, when times were more innocent and global warming hadn’t been invented, the Zonda is arguably the only modern Supercar to truly muscle in on Ferrari and Lamborghini’s playgrounds. The Zonda Succeeded where so many others had failed for one simple reason: it was madder than a bag full of frogs. In final, it produced 740hp and noisier than God himself on the bog after a night on the booze followed by a chicken Vindaloo.

Ferrari 612
Born in 2004, the 612 slipped away last year as quietly and meekly as possible for a giant V12 Ferrari monster. Yes, we shall shed a tiny tear for the 532hp four-seater and its understated-yet-monstrous performance – 196mph, anyone ? – but with the astonishing, 660hp, four-wheel-drive, FF as compensation we’re struggling to miss it too much. Sorry big guy. PS anyone got a 612 for sale I want one.

Lamborghini Murcielago
Au revoir, you terrifying bastard. The bruising V12 Lambo has been laid to rest after a decade of attempted suicides for every owner in the land. A run that culminated in the 690hp, giant winged SV, and the car that ran the McLaren SLR 722 very, very close in a drag race across Abu Dhabi. Its replacement the 691hp Aventador, is quicker but has perhaps lost that lunacy of the old big boy.

Audi RS6
Built for less than 3 years, the RS6’s time with us was short but spectacular. Thanks to the pair of water melon sized turbo’s bolted to its V10 engine, the four wheel drive super wagon produced a ridiculous 572hp.

The V10-powered M5 was, since 2005, the car of choice for the discerning soccer mom keen to get smoky and sideways with three kids and the shopping on board. Sure the V8 of its successor may be more frugal and powerful – 52hp more powerful, in fact – but it wont be as addictively yobbo-ish and rev hungry. Pray and bow your heads to the mark of passing of the naturally aspirated M-car.

Mazda RX-8
Ladies and gentlemen, the Wankel is finished. Stop sniggering you at the back. The RX-8’s tiny, high-revving rotary engine can’t be made clean enough to pass future emissions tests, so the strange door coupe has been unceremoniously killed off.

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