So what does 2015 have in store for the Gear-heads like us

First off, Merry Christmas everyone. Secondly, now all that nonsense is over with lets talk about what 2015 has to offer, if much at all for the Gear-heads among us. Well it turns out theres a fair bit going on in 2015 starting off with the Detroit Auto-show in a few weeks where FORD IS about to launch a follow-up to its GT sports car. The successor to the GT and GT40 is believed to be a “halo” car (a high-end model intended more for publicity than profit) to get people talking about Ford’s EcoBoost engines. Lets hope they offer more than 3 options this time around, and NO FORD a stripe is not really an option
Photo Dec 25, 4 52 48 PMAfter Detroit there is the Geneva Auto-show in March as Pagani unveil their new Huayra Spyder, Mclaren’s new P13 or as I like to call it the 911 Killer, and Koenigsegg who promise to offer yet another insane hypercar which I saw and tested during my factory visit in Sweden a few months ago. Sorry I am not allowed to share photos of that one.

So we have 3 Hypercar manufacturers duke’ing it out in Geneva just a few months from now, and I’ll be there of course because…… well i have nothing else better to do that week as it happens, but these 3 cars are actually all very different monsters, that really appeal to 3 very different types of buyers, we’ll talk about that in a minute.


There are a few other releases due in 2015 including the overdue Nissan GT-R replacement, the replacement R8 named the R10 yummy, and finally after many years of deliberation the new Acura/Honda NSX.


The Supercar I was most looking forward however was the bad ass Jaguar C-X75, this $2m hybrid Hypercar is a stunner, and perhaps reminiscent of the old Jag XJ-220 (that I am still trying to acquire one of). As it turns out the most we’ll ever see of that is in the New James Bond film “Spectre” (Dec 2015), but at least its going to be driven and no doubt trashed many times over by the villain in the movie which makes me love it even more, thanks for rubbing it in Jaguar.


So now back to these 3 Hypercars. The Mclaren P13 will likely be priced just above or very close to the current Porsche 911’s perhaps the GT3’s and I think thats strategic of McLaren and could turn out to be the best thing they ever did. You see Porsche have diluted the brand, they used to be looked up to as the car you buy before you get your first Lambo or Ferrari. But then they started making SUV’s and now their everywhere. The result is sheds of cash for Porsche but its the very reason I wont buy a 918. I simply cannot bring myself to put $1.2m into a brand thats on every corner, and therefore I believe many Porsche owners will feel the same way with spending $200k on their next 911. If you think about it there really isn’t much competition in this price range, maybe the R8 so I therefore welcome the P13 with open arms and look forward to seeing what you can do.


Now comes the Pagani and Koenigsegg. Both similar priced at about $2m CDN and both will be street legal in Canada. The Pagani is a fashion accessory on wheels, its a marvel of detailed engineering beyond belief, and now that Lamborghini are resorting to SUV’s also I think this is the new hypercar poster that will be on every 12yr old boys wall, and by wall I mean desktop or facebook background, or whatever the hell 12yr olds do these days. Either way I think the Pagani is not for the true gear head who understand drivetrain technology or know what BMEP stands for, the Pagani buyer will be one who loves and appreciates the detail in the Pagani and who wants to put the car on display in his living room. The Koenigsegg owner is likely a total yobbo, one who wants as much power as possible, and desires a real drivers machine that terrifies and wants to kill you at every turn. Sound familiar ?


For me I am all of the above, depending on the mood I’m in, I love and appreciate the design of the Pagani, the aerodynamic stability and responsiveness of the McLarens, and the Koenigsegg I find is electrifying. Its throttle really does feel like a hyperspace button. It’s savage and frightening and I love that sort of stuff.


So I welcome 2015 with delight and look forward to another car crazed year full of gasoline and fumes, none of that hybrid malarkey for me please santa.


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